ABOUT - Jessica Shea

You might be thinking that this is just another page to promote my photography. Nope! It's actually a big fat wanted ad. I'm looking for just the right clients. Because not everyone works well together!! And that's cool, no worries. I want you to get what YOU want! It's your hard earned money, after all.

You see, I'm looking for the kind of people who have an idea...and aren't afraid to get swept up in it. Who are so excited upon finishing their session and can't wait to see the photos afterward. People who can overlook my goofiness and let me make a fool of myself to get genuine smiles--and who aren't afraid to laugh at themselves in the process.

But most importantly, I'm looking for people who appreciate the little things in life. Because that's what you're going to see a lot of in your proofing gallery. Those things you might not have even noticed before. That's what I love capturing! And that's why I call myself a lifestyle photographer. Most of my shots are candid, in the moment, not posed. Whether that's at a local beer festival or a beach wedding.

Now for the ole factoids: I'm based in Virginia Beach, but I travel all around Hampton Roads and even back home to Richmond where I grew up (hence the 804 area code). I’ve been in business since 2010 and am honored to have worked and currently work with clients such as the US Department of Labor, the Virginia Port Authority, Distinction Magazine, HR Growler Magazine, the Neptune Festival, Mid-Atlantic Convenience Stores, Landmarks Marketing, OneLife Fitness, ECSC360, Jody G and Lola Boutique, among many more.

What's that? Sounds like we'd get along famously? Awesome. Give me a call @804-350-5499 or shoot me an email via the contact form  above (or info@jessicasheaphotography.com) and we'll hash out the details. But just to be sure, feel free to stalk my Instagram or Facebook first (see icons below). I won't judge.